Texas Attorney for Sex Abuse Victims in The Catholic Church

Texas Attorney for Catholic Child Sexual Abuse Victims.

If you were a victim of a Catholic priest, Lori Watson encourages you to contact her about your legal rights, even if the abuse occurred years ago.

Most victims of Catholic child sexual abuse are boys. By its own audit, the Catholic Church has said that 95 percent of all victims of sexual abuse by priests are male. If you were a victim of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, you have options under both Texas criminal and civil law systems.

One of the disturbing aspects about child sex abuse in the Catholic Church is its practice of transferring pedophile priests to different parishes, states, countries, and treatment centers.  
There is usually a paper trail of allegations that the church tries to keep secret. Attorney Lori Watson is relentless in pursuing these cases, even when the abuse occurred years ago and the priest has been transferred to another parish or even another state.

Most cases of Catholic child sexual abuse would not exist without a church hierarchy that protects and harbors its pedophile priests. Many priests are active pedophiles who move from parish to parish, winning the trust of their new congregations while continuing to pursue and abuse their children.