"I am a survivor of a pedophile Catholic priest. I tried to repress the memories for many years, but something or someone would always take me back to that horrific event. I never told a soul, because of the shame I felt and the embarrassment that it would cause my family. The damage I was doing to my wife and children was considerable and I could not bring myself to explain to them the abuse I suffered at the hands of the "men of God".

When I finally met Ms.Watson I knew I could trust her. She was a God send. I explained my abuse to her and she understood and expressed that he believed me. With the patience of a true saint, she said everything was going to start to be O.K. I also had the courage to confide in my wife of more than twenty years, and she finally understood my paranoia of the Catholic church. Ms. Watson and her team soon had me on the road to recovery. I thank God that Ms. Watson was on my side. I now have peace in me. I cannot put my name on this because of my public persona, but if you with to start the healing process, please consider Lori Watson and her team. They truly are angels and they are on our side."

John Doe

"Working with Lori Watson helped me regain both my self confidence and my courage to face the past and come forward to make those responsible answer for their crimes. When I was working with Lori she also did a wonderful job of keeping the process of my settlement moving forward and with as little stress as possible on me. I truly appreciate everything Lori Watson has done for both myself and the many others that she has helped. I would highly recommend Lori Watson to anyone who needs someone on their side."