Texas Attorney for Victims of Sex Abuse in the Episcopal Church

Texas Attorney
for Episcopal Child Sexual Abuse Victims.


In recent times, sexual misconduct by rectors, counselors and youth ministers in the Episcopal Dioceses across the United States has gained more media attention.

Although the National Church is headquartered in New York, each regional Diocese has its own leadership and officials who directly supervise its priests. Often sexual predators are transferred between Dioceses and sometimes oversee after reports of abuse to unsuspecting congregations.


Although most cases involve the molestation of children; others involved male clergy who took advantage of their pastoral or counseling relationship with vulnerable women to manipulate them into sexual relationships. These clergymen, who include priests and youth ministers, betray the sacred trust placed in them.  Sexual abuse in this religious context is always an abuse of power. Under Texas law, it may be subject to criminal and civil remedies for victims.