Texas Attorney for Victims of Sex Abuse in the Mormon Church

Mormon Church - many cases of abuse are unreported in the Mormon Church. Merritt and Watson can help.
Texas Attorney for Mormon Church Sexual Abuse Victims.
There are many cases of abuse that are unreported in a church culture that punishes and silences the victims.

Sexual abuse of children by Mormon leaders are not as widely reported in the Mormon Church.

Many cases of abuse are unreported in the Mormon Church because it silences the victims through such activities as "shunning." If you were a victim of sexual abuse in the Mormon Church, you are encouraged to come forward. You have options for justice under both our criminal and civil law systems.

Unlike the Catholic Church, most victims of molestation and sexual assault in The Mormon Church are female, although boys have also reported incidents of abuse.

Nationwide, dozens of lawsuits have been filed against the Mormon Church.


Like the incidents within the other denominations, Mormon officials are accused of covering up for sexual abusers, for failing to report child molestation to the police, and for trying to keep the victim silent.

Attorney Lori Watson pursues cases of child sexual abuse against the Mormon Church, even when the abuse occurred years ago and in another state.

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