Texas Attorney for Victims of Sexual Assault in Apartment complexes and Common Areas

 Victims of Sexual Assault in Apartment Complexes and Common Areas are helped by Lori Watson Sex Abuse Law firm
Sexual Assault in Apartment Complexes or on Business Common Areas.  


Landlords and business owners have a duty under the law to take at least reasonable measure in light of what they know regarding criminal activities in the surrounding area. 

This means making sure that their property has adequate surveillance, lighting, fencing, security monitoring, and warning residents or their guests of known crimes on their property or the immediate area. Too often residential and commercial landlords are negligent in the care of their property, resulting in sexual assaults to innocent victims.


If you have been the victim of a sexual assault in an apartment complex or commercial business common area you have rights under the criminal and civil laws.
Your first step should be to call the police and report the incident.  Lori Watson has litigated sexual assault cases against business owners. Coming forward may prevent anyone else at that property from being hurt. By seeking legal redress against the property owners and management company corrective actions may be taken to improve safety for others. The owners and managers may also become more accountable to the residents and the guests to report and inform them of crimes that have happened on the property.