Texas Attorney for Sex abuse victims in Day Care

Texas Attorney Lori Watson for Sex Abuse Victims in Day Care Situations


There is an imbalance of power in caregiver settings.

As a working parent, you want to make sure the day care you choose is a safe and nurturing place. When your child your child has been sexually assaulted there by an employee or another child. it is devastating.

If your child has been abused in a day care center, you have rights under both our criminal and civil law systems to address that abuse.


Day cares in Texas are all required to be licensed.
There are also regulations that govern the staff to child ratio to ensure that there is proper supervision. The day cares are also required to have policies and procedures in place that comply with government regulations to help ensure the safety of the children. Failure of any of these is negligence on the day care. Day cares additionally have an obligation to adequately screen employees before hiring them, train them, and not retain them if they have certain criminal or negligent backgrounds. Failure of any of these is negligence on the day care. If any of these failures have resulted in injury to your child the day care may be held responsible and liable for damages.

First report this to the police immediately. Next, call Attorney Lori Watson to find out what your options are to sue the day care for the injury they have caused, and to help prevent this from happening to another child.