Texas Attorney for Sex abuse victims in Group Homes

Sex Abuse and Assault by Teachers - Lori Watson advocate for sexual abuse victims.
If you or your child were sexually assaulted by the staff or another resident in a Group Home setting you have rights under the criminal and civil laws in Texas.


Group Homes must hire competent and trustworthy employees.

Group home settings include a multitude of residential facilities, including but not only Foster homes, Orphanages, Residential Behavioral Facilities, Residential Crisis Centers, Half way houses, and Residential locations for special needs.  Many of these individuals are the most vulnerable in our society and because they are in a residential facility the law places a heightened standard of care for the facility to ensure the residents are not harmed.


Sexual assault and abuse can occur due to the facility’s failure to properly screen their employees, failure to properly segregate the residents, negligence in training their staff, failure in their supervision of their staff or residents,  not reporting abuse to authorities, and retaining staff and/or residents with a known history of abuse.

If you or your child was assaulted your first responsibility is to contact the police.  After that, contact me to see how I can help with your civil law options.