Dallas Attorney for Victims of Sexual Abuse In Schools

 Sexual Abuse Victims in School Settings can be helped by Lori Watson Sex Abuse Law Firm

Unfortunately, students are sometimes sexually abused within the school environment, by teachers, coaches and other students. 

Virtually every day, it seems there are reports of sexual assaults of a students by another student or by a teacher or a coach in private, public or boarding school settings.

The assaults often happen during the school day or following an after school activity, function or sporting event. In addition to sexual assaults, bullying is another form of abuse that can be damaging to a child. In some instances, bullying can be so damaging physically and psychologically that it provokes suicide.
It is illegal for an educator to have an improper sexual relationship with a student.

The imbalance of power the teacher, coach or instructor has over the child or youth is often overwhelming to the student.  If your student is faced with these issues, report it to school authorities and the police.  Document your report and get treatment and seek legal advice for your child. 

Attorney Lori Watson is experienced at litigating private school, public school or boarding school cases.